08 November 2011

sickies stink

On our travels over the last few weeks Mabry managed to pick up a souvenir that no one ever wants.  A nose that needs constantly blown, fever and pack-a-day-80-year-old-smoker voice/sore throat.  She has been waking up several times a night because she can't breathe or doesn't feel well and wants me to cuddle her.  This equates to a very sleep deprived Mama.  I'm OK with that if it means that I am making my girlie feel better.

Thinking I had made it past the contagious stage of the sickies free and clear was a stupid idea.  Tonight as I was editing photos for a client I noticed that I felt a little warm and my throat is scratchy and my glands are starting to feel swollen.  Awesome.

The idea of going to sleep early in my nice comfy bed is just too enticing not to do it.  Which means that rather than drone on about our travels, I'm going to leave you with a few photos from one of our trips to a corn maze this fall.  Here is to hoping we are back to feeling this good really soon:
Corn Maze #1Corn Maze #1Corn Maze #1Corn Maze #1Corn Maze #1Corn Maze #1

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