15 November 2011

up past 1am with ed

I am having a really hard time going to sleep tonight. As in it will be 1 AM in 6 minutes and I am wide awake type of hard time. Since I can't sleep I thought I would catch everyone up on the last few weeks since I've hardly been on here as of late. It will probably be in list form because that is how my mind works anymore. Everything makes it onto one list or another these days.

Oh, I'll apologize right now for the lack (as in there are none) of photos accompanying this post. Pictures would mean climbing out of my bed (have I mentioned how much I love my iPad2) and going into the office to upload. My bed is just too warm and comfy to do that. Sorry.

1. Mabry and I have been in three states and took a weekend vacation all in the last few weeks. That should explain some of my absence. We had a lot of fun and as usual drove so much that we are both sick of the car now. I can't tell you how many times as we drove drove down the road I would thank God that he gave me a child who is a great traveler. I have ridden in too many cars with screaming kids in carseats in the past. I don't think Mabes and I would do nearly the things that we do if she was like that. My patience level would be worn too thin if I had to listen to screams for 8-9 hours at a time. I plan to upload photos and share all about our travels soon.

2. Another reason for my absence is that I have been spending all computer time editing photos. I have been blessed to have done ten photos shoots recently and while it was a blast, now comes the hard part of sorting and editing. I have four families left. That isn't the only good photography news either, however you will have to wait a little longer to hear all about it.

3. The deployment is coming to an end. I've been given a date, but probably won't believe it until I actually see Dan step off the plane. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, this explains the thinking in lists that I have been doing. Suddenly there are a million things that I want to have done before he gets home. The only way to make any of it happen is to be super organized. The only wrench in my plans is my sleeping habits are all out of whack (and have been since he left) resulting in a walking dead zombie like state in the morning. In other words, while I should be up and accomplishing things by 8 am every day I am usually wandering around blankly until sometime in the ten o'clock hour trying to force myself to function at all.

4. My anxiety attacks are back. (Maybe another reason for the lack of sleep?) I notice that they tend to crop up when I am really stressed out. Maybe because I don't have as much time or energy to devote to telling myself to shut up and calm down. All I know is it is taking a lot of willpower not to Google and WebMD myself into a frenzy right now. So if you want to say a prayer that this anxiety and ball of knots in my stomach passes soon I'd appreciate it.

5. I'm typing on my iPad and autocorrect seems to be doing some silly things. I believe I am catching it as it happens, but if I missed something I do apologize.

6. Mabry renamed herself "Forehead Bingbong" the other day. She has since gone back to Mabry. I now like to call her Forehead to mess with her. That girl has a temper just like her Mama.

7. We joined a Mommy and Me group that I am very psyched about. Other things I am currently psyched about included $5 Christmas movies I picked up at the store the other day, Jimmy Johns subs and the thought of eating the Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

8. I am starting to run out of things to list. I think 8 is a good place to stop and since I really hate to post without any photos, I give you Ed Begley, Jr.

You are welcome.

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  1. Gotta love my daughter's comment! I totally second. 2 And 3. Enjoy th potatoes. That's a great recipe



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