10 November 2011

“We are Penn State. We are always Penn State. I’m proud of you. I’m always proud of you.”

Tallyrand #4
A few weeks ago Mabry and I made a trip up to Pennsylvania.  More on the reasons why later.  The trip was last minute and had a lot to do with the weather.  The only problem was while I was busy factoring in things like still green grass and pretty fall leaves I didn't stop to consider rain and freezing cold temperatures.

Mabry fared much better than I did.  I at least thought to bring a puffy vest and several sweaters for her.  Surprisingly it wasn't this vacation that resulted in the sickies we have been dealing with this week.
Tallyrand #5
I took Mabry to a local park and let her walk around while I followed her with the camera.  Fall photos are some of my favorites.  The deep, rich colors are always so pretty.  This particular park was awesome because there was an old match factory, several bridges, a small stream, old trees, and stone walls.  I would give anything to have something like that around here.
Tallyrand #6
Tallyrand #3
Tallyrand 10.21.11

We also ventured up onto Penn State's campus to take some photos in front of the Nittany Lion.  The girlie posed herself here.  Moments after I took this shot she slipped and fell into some mud.  You can't tell but it was lightly raining in all of these photos.PSU #2 I would like to take a minute to address the whole Penn State scandal that is all over the news these days.  Penn State is an institution near and dear to my families hearts.
There are several people who have written things that I couldn't possibly have said any better.  So rather than recreate the wheel, I urge you all to take some time to click on the following links and read the words of Mitch AlbomKevin Fay, and Kevin Horne.
One last thing, when news of Joe Paterno's retirement broke my husband posted this on Facebook:

As I type this news is breaking on the TV about JoePa being fired.  My heart breaks for the Penn State community as a whole.

We Are...Penn State.

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