12 December 2011

2nd post of the day: fred days 11, 12 and ideas for the coming years

Yesterday morning Mabes woke up to find Fred sitting on her dresser holding a book of stamps from my desk.  She was very confused about why he would have stamps and what he was doing on her dresser.  Later when we were getting ready for church she opened up her drawer and found all of her underwear was missing.  "I bet Fred has something to do with this," she told me.
Fred Day 11 12.11.2011
Dan and I floated possibilities of what Fred was up to but none of them seemed to appease her.  Then Aunt B called from Pennsylvania and cleared everything up.
It seems Fred packed up all of her underwear and mailed it to Aunt B.  Talk about a white elephant gift.

This morning we woke up very early for my physical therapy appointment and found Fred playing with the girlie's train set on our makeshift dining room table.
Fred Day 12 12.12.2011 
I have to admit that we are having a lot of fun with Fred and his antics this year.  However, next year I think we are going to do something a little different, just to spice it up.

I am playing around with the idea of having Fred hide each night but rather than a trick or funny thing he will have a different activity note card.  Things to help bring the family together.  Such as Tonight pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie. Tonight drive around looking at Christmas lights. Today go caroling at a local nursing home.  Make hot chocolate and listen to Daddy read the Christmas story.

Another idea I am playing around with is along the same lines as the family activity note cards only making each activity or story a part of the real Christmas story.  Something like having a verse about Jesus laying in the manger and then we can make sock baby Jesus crafts or flower pot manger scenes.  This website has lots of interesting ideas and crafts for inspiration.  

Dan also suggested that one year Fred can hide along with a different Christmas book that we can then read.  We have several books already and what additional books we need we could always check out of the library.  We could also purchase a book or two and add them into the mix as a surprise.  

What do you think?  Should we change it up each year or do you think we should keep doing what we are doing?  


  1. Love the aunt B phone call. I actually laughed out loud. Great idea. I love the other ideas you have. I like the Christmas book one or you could do a mix of the activities/books. Sounds fun. Maybe we should do that too. Keep up the good work Fred.

  2. I am loving all of Fred's silly antics! Maybe she can hunt for Fred in the morning and find him w/ the activity card. And then in the evening she can unwrap a Christmas book to read b/f bed. We do that and it's a really fun countdown. Most of the books are old ones but I throw in a few library books to keep it exciting. :)
    Can't wait to see what Fred does tomorrow! I can just imagine Mabry's face w/ all of this!! :D


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