26 December 2011

dare to dream

Last week our town was invade by ice skating princesses.  The night before the show opened the cast put on a special show just for military children and their families.  My good friend, Jessie, and I took Mabes to see it.  
Disney Princesses on Ice #2 with Jessie Withey
For the sake of my sanity I decided not to tell Mabes about the show or that I had tickets until we walked into the building.  She was under the impression that she was going on an errand with Jessie and I.  The gasp that came out of her little mouth when she saw the castle was priceless.
Disney Princesses on Ice #6
The show was actually broken down into three parts.  They did a version of The Princess and the Frog, followed by Cinderella and then finally Tangled.  
Disney Princesses on Ice #8
Also priceless were the comments coming from the grown woman sitting right behind me.  She would gasp and wonder how they did certain things (smoke machine and trap doors) more than the kids she was with did.  Jessie and I were cracking up listening to her.
Disney Princesses on Ice #9
While I know that Cinderella's castle was what impressed Mabes the most, I have to admit that I got a little excited when I saw Rapunzel's tower.  Tangled happens to be my favorite out of all the Disney movies.  This part of the show did not disappoint either.
Disney Princesses on Ice #3
I was also very impressed with the two skaters that played Maximus.  Especially the person in the back.  No way I could do it without breaking not only my own two legs but at least those of half a dozen skaters around me.  
Disney Princesses on Ice 12.14.2011

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