10 December 2011

fred the artist

Fred Day 10 12.10.2011
Fred was very busy in the wee morning hours at our house today.  He was sneaking around with a q-tip covered in red paint (for easier application and clean up) and painting our noses red as we slept.
Fred Day 10 #2
Mabes must have scratched her nose in the night because hers was a bit messed up, but otherwise it worked out really well.  She needed help reading Fred's note once she found him.  Then when we all looked in the mirror (which was the point she realized that we had dots on our noses--observant she is not) she pouted.  Apparently Koa's lack of a red nose made her feel bad.
Fred Day 10 #3
We managed to tickle her and cheer her up.  However looking at these photos now makes me wonder if she was sad for Koa or that she had to look at the terrible mess that is my hair first thing in the morning.
Fred Day 10 #4
 Wondering what Fred will do tomorrow...

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