28 December 2011

lancaster christmas

Koa on his way to the kennel #2
Last Thursday I dropped Koa off at the kennel while Dan did a little last minute packing and then we left for our great northern Christmas adventure.  

Can I just stop for a second and brag on how awesome Bass Pro Shop is?  We stopped at one to stretch our legs and to take Mabes to Santa's Wonderland.  They had crafts (decorating your own gingerbread man) and games to keep the children entertained and free photos with Santa.  They even let you bring your own camera (I left mine in the car and it was too cold and rainy to go back and grab it.)  
Mabry's visit to Santa 12.22.2011
(photo via Bass Pro Shop)
After 10+ hours of traveling (thanks to several pit stops) we were all glad to reach my sister and brother-in-law's house.  Mabes especially because her and Uncle Sven like to do silly things like take photos on the iPad:
Mabry being silly with U. Sven 12.23.2011
The next day was all about spending time with the family.  My parents had picked my Granny up and brought her down to spend Christmas with us.  We decided to take her to the Central Market.  Anyone who lives near Lancaster, I highly recommend a trip to the Central Market.  There was so much to see and try.  
Central Market #1
Shopping at the Central Market in Lancaster #10
Shopping at the Central Market in Lancaster #7
Mabes put her cuteness to work and scored herself some free candy from a butcher.
Central Market #2
Then it was time to come home and eat until we all felt like we were going to burst. I love going to Pennsylvania because between Sven and my father-in-law there is so much delicious food.  Those two know how to cook.
Christmas Eve Eve Food 12.23.2011
What gathering isn't complete without video games? Sven picked up Big Game Hunter for him and the guys. However, they weren't the only ones who got in on the action.
Playing Big Game Hunter 12.23.2011
They all tried to turn the PlayStation off at one point and Granny turned it right back on to keep going.
Big Game Hunter
We did our Christmas morning on what was technically Christmas Eve so that Dan and I could make it up to his parents to continue the fun later that day.
Our Christmas Morning
It was while opening these gifts that Dan and I were finally able to let Mabes in on a secret we had been planning and saving for all year....a trip to Disney World.  Her reaction was less than enthusiastic.  We believe it is because she calls the Disney Store Disney World.  So she might think we are taking her to the mall and therefore crazy to be that excited.  
Uncle Sven, however, was doing his best to get Mabes hyped up.
That would be a T-Pain microphone Sven is singing into.  My parents bought that for Mabes.  Dan's parents bought her another microphone that turns her voice into an elf.  Dan and I apparently made the naughty list this year.  
That my friends (as well as this and this) was Christmas 2011 in a nutshell.  Hope you all had just as a fantastic holiday with your loved ones.  

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