15 December 2011

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A little link up love:

Starbucks Secret Menu:  I know lots of people have probably seen the Starbucks Secret Menu floating around Pinterest.  However, that particular list is missing several important drinks.  One that I keep meaning to tell Dan to order is the Cake Batter.  Something tells me he would love it.

Handmade Ryan Gosling:  This is a link I have been saving for awhile to include in a list like this.  I noticed that it has started popping up on Pinterest, but seriously this is hilarious.  It also helps that Ryan is hot, hot, hot!

Menu Planner:  About a month ago I found this link to a menu planner.  I uploaded it to Kinkos.com and had them print it for me.  Instead of having the whole thing done in color (which would have cost a small fortune) I had the cover done in color and the rest in black and white.  I also had them add spiral binding.  Total I think it came to less than $10.  Best investment ever.  It is so nice to have a list of meals planned out and not have to rack my brain every day.  I don't follow the meals exactly.  If I don't feel like tacos on Wednesday night I might switch it for a meal I had planned for Friday or whatever.  But still it works.  The links that this woman made only include one of each sheet.  I have it put together as a .pdf that includes the front and back covers as well as 52 menu pages.  If you are interested in that file send me an email and I would be happy to pass it along to you.

Tagxedo:  Have you seen this word cloud maker before?  Instead of the traditional word clouds we are used to you can actually use an image.  It is awesome.  Plus it is in its beta version which means it is completely free.  I am thinking about making several to save and use for gifts or to hang in the house.
I caught Mabes conducting an interview with Koa the other day. I managed to record a little bit on my phone without her seeing. Usually she freezes up when she sees me taking a video of her and in her most annoyed tone will say, "MAMA STOP!"
For those who didn't quite understand her I am adding the transcript:

Mabes:  What is your favorite thing about being a dog?

Koa:  (Confused look)

Mabes: No? Alright.  Then you won't get the trophy.  Night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wonder what trophy he would have won had he spoken?


  1. loved mabry's interview and the ryan link - pretty funny.


  2. So cute! I love your videos of her. Cracks me up, she does. She and the twins would be a hoot together.


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