01 December 2011

losing our marbles

Sorry that this post is going up a little late.  Yesterday we took a very last minute trip up to Raleigh and ended up being gone all day.  So my evening was spent doing all the chores I had left to mark off my list. The little time leftover was either going to be spent catching up on sleep on blogging.  I picked sleep.

It all worked out because we had a blast playing at the children's museum with Baby N and her mama and now we are one day closer to Dan being home!!

There is still a ton to get done today (namely hitting the gym, grocery shopping, meeting some other friends for a lunch date and more house cleaning).  So I will let these photos/video speak for themselves.

My little chefMabes MarblesCenter StageMarbles Kids Museum 4Baby N Goes SplatBBallHockey Tough Girl FaceScienceMama in the AmbulanceAim to Save
Ps.  Fred, our resident elf on the shelf, came late last night for the first time.  This year he isn't going to just be hiding around the house spying on Mabes for the big jolly guy.  He has big plans for all kinds of antics each night.  My question to you is would you rather I put a little blurb up every night with a photo of what Fred has been up to or would you rather I put up one weekly post all about Fred on Fridays?

1 comment:

  1. 1st: Baby N and Mabes look so cute
    2nd: Want Fred daily updates
    3rd: Your a good mom for taking precious little time you have to go to the children's museum to do something fun for the girls.


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