09 December 2011

mash up

Just a few more things to play catch up on this afternoon:

1.  Koa.
Koa at the couch

Koa has been doing pretty good.  We don't let him out of our sight, ever.  He spends a lot of time playing at our feet or laying his head on our lap while we sit on the couch.  He knows he isn't allowed on the furniture, but he knows how to play the system and have his ears scratched.

Even though he is usually pretty good you never know when he is going to go after a stuffed animal or a pillow.  Usually when he does one of us is right there to take it away and discipline him.

Which leads me to #2 on my list: Shebee.

Unfortunately Tuesday morning no one was there to save Shebee:
Shebee masacre

My heart sank when I walked to the top of the stairs and found him.  Mabes took it pretty good.  She was upset but told me that she knew I could do surgery and make him all better.  If you look close at the photo you can see that the hole he ate went right up to Shebee's nose.  I had no material to work with as far as keeping the nose in tact.  The photo doesn't do the size or irregularity of the hole justice.

In the end this was the best I could do:
Shebee Massacre #2
He makes me think a little of the Joker now.  I tried to use some pink thread and the button hole stitch to make a new nose.  Good thing I am not a plastic surgeon.  I'm just sayin'.

Shebee completely freaks Mabes out now.

At first she told me to throw him in the trash.  Then she wanted me to get her Shebee's cousin (the backup doll we bought not long after we realized what an attachment she had to him).  I looked up buying a backup to the back up and this doll sells online for $80.  Have people lost their minds?!  I don't know if I am being a bad parent, but I haven't given in to her requests for cousin Shebee.  Something about her ability to just discard her best friend because he looks different bugs me.  She has slowly started to warm up to him again but refuses to sleep with him because he is creepy.  I'm planning to give it another week and see what happens.

Mabes has gone to sleep without him every night since Tuesday.  Dan and I are proud of the fact that she is a little more independent but also sad because this means she is growing up.

All I want for Christmas is to freeze time for a little bit.

3.  My knee surgery.

Everything went great yesterday morning.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:15am which meant we were all tired.  Mabes did great and listened to Dan in the waiting room.  I was brave and let them get me ready for surgery all alone and didn't cry once.

I elected to have a spinal block rather than be put all the way under.  I'm glad I did.  I was able to peek around the curtain in the OR and watch what the doctor did on a large TV screen so that helped pass the time.

The biggest hurdle we had was that the spinal took a really long time to wear off.  By noon it was clear that we all wanted to leave.  I finally managed to do the things that they required a person do to be discharged all while faking feeling from the waist down.  The rest of the day we all spent lounging on the couch watching TV and relaxing.  I finally regained feeling around dinner.

I didn't realize I would have to keep the bandage on my knee for the next three day and not get it wet.  Poor Dan is going to have to help me wash my hair in the sink.  That and the constant itchy feeling on my knee have been my biggest complaints.

While the knee is sore, I haven't had to break down and take any pain killers.  Something I am going to try and continue to avoid if possible.  I did with my c-section and this is nothing compared to that.  I use crutches to help get around if I have to walk longer distances, but for the most part I have been able to hobble around the house unassisted.

Oh and my feet are two different colors:
Orange foot

I think that I have covered everything that needed catching up on.  Now it is time to eat and have a nap.  Have a great weekend!


  1. You know what freaks me out? Your feet! What is that about? Also I think Shebee looks funny too :) I will pray for Mabry's future (human) best friend to never have any facial deformities or otherwise.

  2. Girl, it has been way too long. I had no idea Dan was back or that you were going in for knee surgery! Ach :( Hope you heal quickly. Also...hope the doc was better at surgery than you ;) Poor Shebee.


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