22 December 2011

movie night

Is anyone else feeling like this warm weather is making it hard to really feel that wintery spirit?  I love nights of hot chocolate and warm blankets and snuggling up on the couch in the winter.  The problem is when it is 72 degrees outside one doesn't tend to think about hot chocolate and flannel PJs and such.  

One night it was on the cooler side and I decided to open up the Wizard of Oz movie I had bought over a year ago and declare it family movie night.  We popped popcorn, pushed the ottoman right up to the couch to make a giant lounging area and curled up under a huge quilt.  We turned the Christmas tree lights on and all of the other lights off.  It was perfect.  

Wizard of Oz family movie night #2
Dan was a little concerned that the flying monkeys would be too scary for the girlie, but she did great.  In all honesty she loved the movie.  The songs, the dancing, the costumes.  It was all magic to her.  Dan and I spent more time watching her and smiling at each other than watching the movie I think.  Do you see how they were holding hands?  Melts my heart.
Wizard of Oz family movie night 12.16.2011 Mabry's first time seeing the movie
I figured since there aren't many photos ever documenting my presence I should try and get at least one shot of the three of us snuggled up together.  You can tell that Mabes is dying to turn her attention back to the movie.  
Wizard of Oz family movie night #3
I'm thinking this might become one of our annual Christmas/winter time traditions.  What about you?  Is there a certain movie you like to watch around this time?  One of my favorite Christmas movie musts is Die Hard.  Don't judge.  

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  1. i love that!!!! great tradition, great movie, and love sweet mabes holding daddy's hand! melted my heart too ;)


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