16 December 2011

my poor bunny

Yesterday afternoon Mabes was playing quietly in her playroom and Koa had calmed down and fallen asleep at my feet. I was busy taking full advantage of such wonderful peace and quiet to get some photo editing done.  That was until I received a phone call saying that Dan had high-fived a tree with his body during his landing from an airborne jump he had been on a few hours before.


The medic wanted him to go to the hospital because he wasn't able to rule out the possibility of a broken collarbone or clavicle.
Dan jump accident
In the last two weeks it seems that my family has the sole responsibility of keeping the medical community in business around here.  

Thankfully he is just badly bruised and not actually broken.  He is having a hard time moving his one arm and seems to be in a lot of pain.  Of course he might just be pulling the poor bunny routine on us.  At least that is what we all keep joking is going on:
I am so grateful that it was just terrible bruising and soreness.  God was looking out for my soldier today.    Sometimes I forget that these jumps can result in death and paralyzation or other serious injuries.
How about we move on to a more happy topic and catch up with what Fred has been up to for the last few days?

Wednesday Mabes woke up and found that Fred had wrapped the doorway to her playroom in wrapping paper.  She was not pleased because she didn't know how she would get to her tiny humans as she calls them.
Fred Day 14 #2
(Sidenote:  These little figurines (aka the tiny humans) from the Disney Store are her most prized possessions.  She has the Cinderella and the Tangled set and plays with both of them more than anything else and has for weeks.  Thinking maybe we should ask Santa (aka the Grandparents) to bring her some more.)

It should also be noted that while Fred had grand dreams of her bursting through the paper like football players through a breakaway banner it was not to be.  Seriously.  Check her out:
This was the paper after she had broken through:
Fred Day 14 #3 after Mabry "broke through" the paper
Thursday Fred was found sitting high up on a shelf eating candy with the remote nearby.  When I suggested that he had been watching movies the girlie responded with, "Good thing I DVR'd some."  She wasn't as impressed with him this time.  I think because he had been so high up it was hard for her to see.
Fred Day 15 12.15.2011 
This morning Fred decided to pay homage to the awesome paratrooper skills of Dan by parachuting into the tree holding the Uruguay jump wings Dan had earned during the jump gone wrong the day before.  It was Dan who actually suggested Fred do this.
Fred Day 16 12.16.2011 Fred Day 16 with Urguay jump wings
Wait, did you look closely at my tree?  Notice anything unusual?  No ornaments you say...keen observation.  The reason for the unfestiveness would be because Koa can't seem to keep away from them.

Instead of seeing pretty reminders of years gone by and holiday cheer...he sees an all you can eat smorgasbord.  Three candy canes and two ornaments was where I drew the line.  So we have a very tall fake shrub to spread cheer in our house.  I did leave the lights on it and may add a string or two more just to beef it up a little.  Here is to hoping next year Koa will be out of this phase.

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  1. Oh Mabry! That had Elayna & me cracking up!!! So funny. Fred's friend, Otto, got into a marshmallow fight with a little human Elmo last night. Elayna took it upon herself to clean up their mess. And eat half of their safety walls, and inhale their mini stash.


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