13 December 2011

nutcracker and snowball fights

The local ballet company put on their annual Nutcracker show the weekend Dan came home.  We took Mabes and she loved it.  Immediately upon coming home she had to put on a tutu and her Nutcracker soundtrack CD to dance around the house.
Dancing after seeing the Nutcracker #2
Dan even got in on the action practicing lifting her in the air.  Sorry the photo is blurry.  I was shaking from laughing at the two of them.  
Dancing after seeing the Nutcracker #4
Dancing after seeing the Nutcracker #6
Dancing after seeing the Nutcracker #5
This morning we woke up to find Fred and Flynn Rider waged in a battle.  Silly boys thought our mini marshmallows were snowballs.
Fred Day 13 #4 Fred Day 13 #2 Fred Day 13 #3 Fred Day 13 #5 Fred Day 13 12.13.2011 Fred Day 13 #6
Those of you with lots of experience with dogs or who have a boxer, I need your help.  

Koa had an accident in the house the first two days we had him.  Both times were early in the morning and we figured out that he needed to go out twice within a 15 minute period of waking up.  That isn't a big deal and easily fixed the problem.  

We went almost an entire week without another accident.  

Then yesterday he peed in the house three times.  I cried.  This is the sort of behavior that sends my OCD into hyper drive.  Not to mention I had literally just finished scrubbing the whole house from top to bottom.  

We know that Koa is house trained.  I believe this to be some sort of a behavioral thing.  The only thing that I can think of is that he was put in his cage while I did some of the cleaning (usually he is only in his cage for short 1 minute time outs or when we all go to sleep or when we aren't home to watch him) because I didn't know what he would do with the vacuum and because I climbed a ladder that I didn't want him to knock over to clean the fan blades.  He also was caught chewing on slippers and I yelled at him.  Could he have been acting out because of this?  

How do you reteach a dog to learn new behaviors?  Is this something I can expect forever?  



  1. bell train him! Put a jingle bell on a ribbon on the door where he goes outside. Take his paw, ring the bell, and give him a treat. Then when he goes potty outside give him a treat, too. Pretty soon he'll just ring the bell to let you know he wants to go out all by himself! We did this with both of our dogs and it works great! :) Don't stress!!

  2. Sorry I am not going to be much help even though I have a boxer. I don't believe this is something to expect forever. I like the bell suggestion. :) Just remember to breath and wear your slippers ;)


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