09 December 2011

oh the places fred goes

First thing is first, I'm going to catch you up on Fred and all the antics he has been up to around our house for the last week.

Day 4 Fred was found hanging out in the girlie's doll house.  It took a little longer than normal for Mabes to find him,  which caused a bit of frustration.   Once she caught sight of those baby blues peeking out at her from the window she changed her attitude and thought it was a brilliant hiding spot.
Fred Day 4 #2Fred Day 4
Day 5  he hid in the Christmas tree right by the star at the top.  I completely forgot to take a photo of him in his hiding place.  Bad Mama, I know.

Day 6 Mabes woke up to find him sitting by her headboard:
Fred Day 6
"Just like Santa, Mama!  Fred sees me when I'm sleeping!"

Day 7 Fred must have conspired with his buddy, Flick, and drew all over a photo of Mabes with a dry erase marker.  This was hysterical to Mabes and she kept asking all day why Fred would do that.  She also gave him a lecture about how we don't play with markers.
Fred Day 7
Day 8 Fred toilet papered the Christmas tree:
Fred Day 8 Fred Day 8 #2

This morning we woke up to find him zip lining across the kitchen:
Fred Day 9 #2 Fred Day 9
Fred sure has been busy keeping us all on our toes.

Another post is already set to schedule later on this afternoon, so be sure to check back.


  1. This is a great tradition and one that our girl will always remember and hopefully pass on to her children. Wish this was around when you girls were small. I love to read what Fred is up to.

  2. Love the toilet paper idea! Totally stealing that one.

  3. That Fred...I am so going to get me a Fred too. *sigh*


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