29 December 2011

on the road again

Usually when we travel I am the driver.  Mainly because it is rare that Dan has time off to travel anywhere and Mabes can't work both the steering wheel and pedals at the same time.  This means that aside from playing around with the radio and staring at the road in front of me; I don't usually have the opportunity to pass the time playing on my phone.  Dan did the majority of the driving last weekend on our trek north and I took every opportunity I could to surf around on Pinterest and to use the camera on my iPhone.  

What follows are the highlights of our (LONG) trip home.

Harrisburg.  We were rushing past the city and I only had a second to grab my phone and snap a picture. I really like how the colors in this photo turned out.
Harrisburg 12.26.2011
Much of the drive was spent staring directly into the sun.  All the squinting was giving me a headache and making me grumpy.  The problem is I am a little too short for the sun visors in the car, so there was no hope of blocking the bright rays.  Instead I embraced it head on and took several photos out my dirty windshield.
Driving into the sun 12.26.2011
As we drove past DC both Dan and I breathed a sigh of relief.  For once the traffic wasn't terrible.  Honestly, it was actually probably some of the lightest traffic we encountered on the whole trip .  Can you see the Washington Monument?  It is a tiny white line about one third of the way from the left side of the picture:
Washington DC from a distance 12.26.2011
The relief was short lived, however.  Not even ten minutes after I took the DC photo we came upon gridlock.  The kind of which there is no escape.  So the hours literally ticked by as we creeped a few miles.  The only thing to look at were the sea of brake lights stretching into the horizon.  It was like looking at the pavement to hell.  
Virginia traffic 12.26.2011
By the time we drove through Richmond it was dark out.  I was getting tired, but I thought it was awesome that most of the buildings in the city outlined themselves in Christmas lights.  I would have missed that had it still been daylight.
Richmond VA 12.26.2011
I almost cried when I saw the North Carolina state line.  Mabes had fallen asleep by this point, having exhausted her stash of movies to watch.  Dan was also getting sleepy and I was so tired I was literally sick to my stomach.  
NC State Line Sign 12.26.2011
About two hours after we passed that sign we were finally rolling into our driveway and minutes after that crawling into our warm beds.  

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