19 December 2011

only 6 days til christmas

Fred Day 17 12.17.2011
Saturday morning we woke up and found Fred waiting for us in the kitchen.  He was covered in flour and had empty (rinsed out) egg shells around him.  In the fridge was pancake batter he had whipped up just for us.
Fred Day 17 #2
Fred had also written Mabes a note and had brought back a letter from the jolly big guy himself.
Fred Day 17 #3
For those of you who can't read Fred's writing, let me translate.  Fred would like me to point out that he had not written in cursive since the fourth grade when it stopped being mandatory.  It took forever for him to write this and he may have had to come ask me for help on how to write a few of the letters.  Silly Fred, you can't help but love him.  

Dear Mabes, While eating this breakfast that I made for you, please have your parents read this very important letter from Santa Claus.  Remember I am watching you.  Fred.

This was the letter from Santa:
The letter didn't seem to phase her very much.  However the same can't be said for later in the morning when we went to Dan's battalion Christmas party.  As it turns out Daddy happens to know Santa (or at least track him down while he was changing) and may have explained about Fred and the letter and the terrible case of attitude that Mabes has had lately.  Santa was awesome and while Mabes sat on his lap he brought up that he had been hearing from Fred and that he meant what he said in his letter to her.  This seemed to really have an impact on her.
Sitting on Santa's Lap 12.17.2011
Sunday morning we found Fred driving the girlie's school bus in a parade of cars around her toy room.
Fred Day 18 12.18.2011
Fred Day 18 #2
This morning Mabes found Fred on the side of my tub enjoying his own marshmallow bubble bath.
Fred Day 19 12.19.2011
In other news, can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?  Happily all of my shopping has been done for awhile now and most of the presents are wrapped.  Yesterday Mabes and I went on a marathon baking spree to get cookies done.  The next few days are no less busy.  

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