07 December 2011

a quick note because I really only have time to freak myself out and pray

I'm sorry for anyone who came back here this evening expecting a new post. I had the best intentions. However finishing up some last minute things around the house, making dinner and having a panic attack about my knee surgery tomorrow ended up taking more time than I thought. OK, you caught me. More like several panic attacks that rolled in like waves starting around 5 this evening. Hopefully I am able to find a way to navigate the stairs on crutches tomorrow afternoon/evening and will be able to do a much better post complete with photos. I need to catch everyone up on what Fred the elf has been up to and also the horrible accident Shebee had. Oh and if you are reading this in the morning, can you do me a favor and say a prayer that the surgery is a big success with no complications?

1 comment:

  1. Hope the surgery went well. I'm afraid about shebees accident post. I have a guess at what it was.


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