28 December 2011

state college christmas

Christmas morning #8
This year we spent Christmas in Pennsylvania.  Christmas Eve we stayed at my sister's in Lancaster (to be posted about later today) and Christmas morning was in State College at Dan's parents' house.  Lots of fun, visiting with family, laughter and delicious food made for a great and memorable weekend.  

Mabes was very concerned about making sure Santa had his milk and cookies.  She even tried to convince me to pack milk in the suitcase before we left for our trip.  There was serious excitement Christmas morning when she woke up to find he had eaten everything and even left a note.
Christmas morning 12.25.2011
Christmas morning #5
After the presents had all been unwrapped Mabes put on her "Hocahontas" dress and served everyone wooden cupcakes upon wooden cupcakes.  She told us the name of her bakery was The Cupcake Factory.  The sweet tooth in me hopes she does end up becoming the baker she dreams of being, I'll be her number one customer.
Christmas morning #6
Christmas morning #7
Some of our State College family...  
Grandpa and Gramma
(via my sister-in-law, Leah)
Uncle Jared and Aunt Rachel:
Jared and Rachel
(via my sister-in-law, Leah)
Aunt Leah and Aunt Liza:
Leah and Liza
(via my sister-in-law, Leah)
Not pictured, Uncle Nate, Uncle Zach, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Matt, Great Grandpa and Great Gramma.  

Come back a little later and check out the Lancaster portion of our trip.

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