12 December 2011

washington farms two months late

I was going through some files on my desktop this weekend and came across photos from our trip to the corn maze in Georgia with my parents from October.  

Even though it is almost two months over due I thought I would still share.

Cow Train
PVC slide
Before the meltdown
They had an inflatable bouncing area that Mabes spent much of her time throwing a fit on.  You can hear my Mom and Dad laughing in the background in this one:
If you listen closely you can hear her trying to convince us that sitting on the thing in everyone's way is more fun than actually standing up and bouncing:
I have a third video of her screaming inside of a huge flexible drain pipe that they had rigged into a swing, but honestly it made me motion sick watching the video.  I didn't want to subject the rest of you to that.  I did take a photo of her as well and if you didn't know better you would think she was happy as could be:
Tube Swing
These next two photos have to be some of my favorites from the whole year:
MabesMabes #2
Pig races are hysterical to watch:
 Pig Race
Family Photo Fun Time
Launching Pumpkins
Check out the determined look on the girlie's face in this one as she helps her Gammpa race ducks:
Roping Lesson

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  1. I've never seen you with your hair so long! I love it and hope you haven't chopped it off yet. Really wish we could've spent some time with you guys while you were in the area. Maybe next time it'll work out.


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