05 January 2012

disney arts and crafts

We are rapidly approaching the day we leave for Disney and Oh! My! Goodness! there is still so much to do.  I have all these grand ideas (thank you Pinterest) for little touches to make the trip even more special.
Pinterest Inspiration
For Christmas I had made a Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress for Mabes.  I was inspired after seeing this dress pictured above and found here.  I used this tutorial as a guide and ended up making my own version.  The plan all along had been to make a second one for the daughter of my friend, Nicole, whose family is going to be vacationing with us.  Earlier in the week I finally managed to carve out some time to sit down at the sewing machine and get the second dress completed.  
Disney Dresses
They aren't perfect.  I forgot to measure my girlie and so Mabes will be wearing something similar in length to a ball gown.  I also messed up the area around the arms and neckline on that dress.  I don't believe it will be all that noticeable when it is on her; fingers crossed anyhow.  I used some satin ribbon for around the arms on the smaller dress and really like how it turned out.  I can't wait to get the girls all dressed up and take their photos!  

When I finished up the dress I got to work on another project...Disney Princess Hair Ribbons.

On Pinterest I came across several links to photos of the ribbons and links to various stores who sell them.  My motto when I see something is almost always, "I can make that."  So with a little creative Googling for a few different tutorials and some more photos for inspiration as well as a trip to Hobby Lobby for some 50% off ribbon I was on my way.
Didn't they turn out cute?
I made two headbands for our Nicole's daughter since she is still pretty little and doesn't have enough hair to support a clip.  We found out the other day that we are also going to be joined by another little girl (Nicole's 7-year-old niece) so I made Aracely two clips, as well as two for Mabes.  Then to round it all out I made a clip for both myself and Nicole.
Two headbands and six clips is a pretty good turn out for sitting on the couch watching TV for a couple of hours with Dan.

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  1. they turned out adorable. What a clever girl I have. Not only are the girls going to have such a fantastic time at Disney but they are going to be dressed to the nines. I want to see pictures of you and Nicole with your clips in too.


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