09 January 2012

i have a confession

Koa Charles #6
It has been a little more than a month since Koa first came to live with us.  If I am being totally honest, and why wouldn't I be, having him around has only solidified my knowledge that I am not a good pet owner.

Do I like animals?  Yes.  Would I ever want to see an animal hurt?  No.  Would I let your pet come over to my house and stay for a week?  Sure.  Well as long as it isn't anything like a snake; or a cat, because a cat could literally kill Dan.  Should I own a pet full time?  Probably not.

The problem is Dan and Mabes both want a dog and have for a long time.  They love having Koa around.  I, on the other hand, don't view him as a great addition to our family.  I view him as frustration, work and more frustration.  Truthfully, I am a little bit more than miserable with him.  
Koa Charles #5
My house is in a constant state of being cleaned.  Seriously, who knew that there could be so much dog hair?  Or drool/water puddles all over the floor.  Y'all, I am sick of having to vacuum every day.  I am sick of having to mop every day.  I am sick of having to scrub dried up drool marks off my couch every day.  I am sick of having to wipe down the window from all the dripped water he leaves after he takes a drink and then smooshes his face against the back door.  My OCD is in some sort of hyper overdrive I didn't even know existed.

Then there is the training issue.  I am the one who spends the most time at home and naturally it would fall to me to train him.  Except I don't have the patience.  Especially when I know he is smart and that he knows certain commands but chooses not to obey.  How many mornings am I going to have to chase him around and around the couch narrowly missing grabbing him by the collar until I am in tears because he won't come when called?  How many times am I going to have correct him for tearing up the pillows on the couch?  How many times is he going to have to be reprimanded for begging when we eat at the table?

It also frustrates me to no end when I finally get him calmed down and laying at my feet and Mabes walks in the room and gets him going again.  
Koa Charles #2
There are also superficial things like missing my living room being the way it was.  Having a large cage and dog bed taking up a great deal of floor space is kind of hard to work into the decor if you know what I'm saying.    

Sometimes I think about loading him up into the car and taking him to the first boxer rescue I can find.  Other times I think I might put an add on Craigslist and implore his original owners to come and get him.  

Then I see things like Mabes laughing hysterically as he runs laps around the house to burn energy.  Or when she kisses and hugs Koa and calls him her best friend.  Or listening to how much Dan cares when he worried that Koa would miss us while we had him in the kennel over Christmas.  It makes me happy to see them so happy and to love the dog so much.  It tears me in two because I don't want to take their dog away from them but at the same time I want him far away from me.

I guess what I am saying is that I am having a hard time adjusting to life with a 50+ pound animal living in my house.
Koa Charles #4
It has to get better, right?  


  1. Aw...look at that face. Hang in there.

  2. there have been a handful of days in the 5-almost-6 years we've had Lucy that I've pleaded through tears (whether to Ben, my mom, or no one in particular) for the dog to please just go away. she still, after all this time, has a knack of catching me on my very worst day and she'll cry for hours for no reason at all, or she'll come inside COVERED head-to-toe in mud or she'll leave thread from her toys all over my clean house. God love her, i couldn't imagine our lives without that dog. but ben & i both agree that we may never get another dog if she ever dies.

  3. He is a cutie. I know how you feel. We will not get another dog for a looooong time if Jed ever kicks the bucket. Mostly because he would be hard to replace because for the most part he has been a really great dog and also because I do NOT want another dog. I don't want to have to be in charge of it :) I do love Jed though (sometimes)

  4. oh those pictures are adorable!!!! it's kind of like kids, (coming from a non-dog owner :S) they kind of cramp your style, but the love you get in return is worth all the sacrifice....or at least that's what I've heard....??

  5. It could be worse... two grown huskies in the house. You can check that off your list, fo sho. I still think he's a keeper. But I totally understand the losing battle. Probably not to your white-glove inspection level of obsessive cleanliness, but still, I get it. I've decided (accepted, justified, LOST HOPE, however it'll work) that I'll never have a magazine home until the girls are older and responsible enough to keep the house how I would like it. Oh well. Hope Disney's a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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