02 January 2012

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Here it is the first few days of 2012 and I am already finding that this year has started off on a bad note.

Starting with waking up on the first only to find out we missed the pickle.

Apparently there is a town within driving distance (which honestly could mean anywhere on the eastern seaboard the way I travel) of here which drops an illuminated pickle at midnight.  Only midnight is actually Greenwich Mean time and so really only 7pm which is even better.  Finding out that this glorious pickle dropping exists the day after was such a let down.  

I could keep going on about all the things that have already made 2012 terrible (including a 911 call made about some homeboy swerving in and out of three lanes of traffic and almost killing us in his hoop tie all in an effort to impress his homies), or I could stop, take a deep breath and find some positives:

Koa rang the bell on the door to tell us he had to go out without prompting.  There may be hope for this dog after all.

Dan and I managed to keep our resolution for 2011, which meant 365 days of not almost killing Mabes.  It could help that we didn't go near any ponds or tubbing mountains in 2011---but I'm still counting it as a victory nonetheless.

December 31, 2012 midnight (Greenwich Mean Time) I already have New Year's Eve plans.  Talk about being ahead of the game.

I have a good husband who provides, protects and loves his family.

I have a little girl who is healthy, happy and the light of our lives.

We are all together living under one roof!!  Goodbye single parenthood...for now!

Have I mentioned 2012 is the year we go to Disney World?!

Because posts without photos are B.O.R.I.N.G. and because after 9 months of saying I was going to I finally cleaned off the girlie's toy camera....I present for your viewing pleasure:


(all photos taken by Mabes using her Fisher Price digital camera)

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