26 January 2012

well howdy, stranger

Y'all, things have been way out of control around here lately.  I apologize if it seems like forever since I last wrote a legitimate post.  When you factor in things like a nine day vacation to Florida, a weekend trip to Charlotte, a $300 vet bill for a dog with a man cold (yes, you read that right), sinus infections for the whole family, two photo shoots with new clients, and then general things like cleaning the house and grocery shopping it is a wonder I haven't lost my mind in the last two and a half weeks.

It doesn't help that I have a little person who likes to talk at me with a machine-gun-pace All. Day. Long.  Thus, ensuring that my brain is nothing but a pile of mush curled in the fetal position, rocking back and forth in the darkest corner of my head by 7:00pm.  Mushy brain doesn't function well to stay up late and type posts on the computer.

I think that things are finally starting to slow down and settle down.  At least I sure hope so.

Anyhow, all of that is the very Reader's Digest version of the happenings around here lately.  For the rest of the post I thought I would brag on my baby.  Mainly I want to document some things before she grows up and I forget all about it.

1.  Lately Mabes has taken to pointing out pinatas; which are strangely everywhere it seems.  I didn't even know she knew what one was let along what they are called.  She pronounces them pea-yah-ta and finding them makes her day.

2.  When she wants to call Koa she usually does the same thing she does to me: talks at him at rapid machine gun pace, "KoaComeKoaComeKoaCome!"  We told her she needed to slow down if she wanted him to respond to her.  She has done as instructed and when I pointed out how good she was at getting Koa to listen to her now she informed me she was being smooth.

3.  This girlie can rock a dentist appointment.  I took her at the beginning of the week and they love her there.  She opens her mouth, never cries or flinches, and does what they tell her to.  This time they were also able to take x-rays of her mouth.  They also let her pick out the flavors for both the toothpaste and the fluoride that they used.  Mabes later told me that she couldn't believe how big [she] was getting because she was able to make the flavor choices herself.  Isn't that something the parent is supposed to remark on?
Mabes at the Dentist 1.23.2012
Mabes at the Dentist #2
Mabes at the Dentist #3
4.  Her favorite game to play is "Maid."  That would be Old Maid for all of you not in the know.  She plays several rounds of it each night with us before bed.

5.  Mabes tells us all the time she wants to be a baker.  She has picked out a name and when we are out and about she is constantly scouting out locations as I often hear, "This would be a good spot for my store."  She even requested that I make her cards (meaning business cards) and a logo.  Her plan is to make cakes; not cupcakes, just cakes.   She is very adamant about the menu.  She has a list of different flavors she has come up with to offer the public.  Strawberry with lemons is at the top of the list.

6.  As a reward for a job well done at the dentist they let her pick two prizes from the treasure drawer.  One of the items she picked was a small, plastic slinky.  Aside from her tiny humans (which still rank #1) she loves playing with this toy.  She calls it her springy.  Dan and I have been searching for the real official slinky everywhere to surprise her.  Anyone know where we might have some luck?

I know that there are more cute things that she has said or done lately.  However I can't seem to think of any of them at the moment.  Mushy brain invasion.

For now I will leave you with one last random thing:  Mustache stickers on your nails are great for entertaining yourself in the doctor's waiting room at 8:00 in the morning.

I call this look Doctor Evil:
Being silly with my mustache nails 1.23.2012 
And Mini Me:
Being silly with Mama's mustache nails 1.23.2012


  1. Have you tried the dollar store for a slinky or the dollar spot at Target sometimes has them.

  2. You didn't mention the name of her bakery or did you omit that on purpose. I thought it was cute and very clever of her.


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