23 February 2012

a little of everything

Is it really only Thursday?  This week seems to be dragging.  Probably because at this point Mabes and I are both crawling the walls going stir crazy.  Since we have both been sick I have been avoiding the gym and going out in public as much as possible.  In part to give the antibiotics time to kick in so that my kid isn't a walking petri dish waiting to infect everyone else in the childcare room.  Also, because her immune system is low and I know that some parents don't care about the whole petri dish thing and will happily let their kid infect my kid so long as they get to workout.  Not going to the gym has resulted in a large amount of energy and no place to put it.  I seem to be able to focus for about 10 minutes at a time on any one task.

 Please excuse this post if it seems all over the place.
My camera has been in the shop for a little over a week now.  Another thing that is making me crazy.  I am constantly reaching for it and not having it sucks.  The good news is that I heard it should be back today or tomorrow.  In other camera news, I was going through the photos that I have taken on my phone in the last week.  I believe I have a slight obsession with feet:
As usual I have also managed to stumble across some interesting links that I thought were worth sharing this week:

Stuff People Say to Photographers:  Y'all wouldn't believe the number of times I have heard every single one of these things.  Have you seen other videos people have made about Stuff People Say?  They are hysterical.

My Body Gallery:  Interesting concept.  You can type in your height and weight and see photos of other people that are as tall and weigh as much as you do.  Kind of gives you a different perspective.

Textecution:  I am against texting and driving.  I love this little app and think it is worth the $30.  I wish that they had it for iPhones too.

Rules for Mother's With Daughters: I'm sure some of you have seen this on Pinterest and I thought a lot of the list was good enough to share here as well.

I Love Your Hair App: an app with user-submitted photos and information on where the haircut/style was done and what products, etc. they use.  For someone with serious hair issues like me this is a blessing.
I am totally freaked out when I look at this photo of my girlie.  She is getting big.  The long hair, the longer legs.   I want to savor every single second of her childhood and just want to bottle her up.
Why can't there be an app for that?

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