01 February 2012

breakfast with her prince

One of the hardest things about being married to someone in the military is the special events.  They miss out on a lot of them.  As the spouse of a military person you attend a lot of functions on your own.  As the child of a military person you tend to have more special moments and memories with just one parent.

So the day after I bought our Disney tickets I hopped online and made a reservation for our little princess and her Prince Charmin' (as she lovingly refers to Dan) to have breakfast in Cinderella's castle.  Dan and I both wanted this to be a special memory for just the two of them.  

To take things up a notch I put together a gift bag that was delivered to our hotel doorstep.  Inside was a royal invitation to the ball:
Invitation to breakfast in the castle

Along with a tiny tiara and official princess sash and hair glitter spray.  The tiara and sash are usually given to the girls who go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutiques at the park where they also put glitter in the girl's hair.  In an effort to save money a Nicole's niece loaned us the tiara and sash and I purchased the can of glitter spray from Walmart for $2.50 during Halloween.  

To say that Mabes was excited would have been an understatement.  I had packed two of her dresses for her and she didn't even hesitate when it was time to pick one.  Cinderella dress for the win.  

On the big morning we all woke up early so that Nicole and I could get her ready.  Nicole was in charge of hair and tiara.  I had dress and make-up duties.  Yes, I let my four-year-old wear a little bit of white, sparkly eye shadow and some powder.  While we were doing that Dan was in another room getting dressed up.

(Please excuse the next photo.  I was a lazy photographer in the first one and didn't adjust my settings to accommodate for the low lighting or the fact that Mabes was swaying back and forth with excitement.)
Getting her Tinkerbell earrings

It was so sweet when he stepped into the room and saw her all princessed up.  He bent down and told Mabes that all princesses should have a pretty pair of earrings.  Then Dan handed her a pair of Tinker Bell earrings with her birthstone.  She melted.  Those earrings have been in her ears ever since.

We purposefully waited to go to the Magic Kingdom until the day of their breakfast.  We wanted Mabes to be all dressed up and on her special day when she saw the castle for the first time.  I tried to run ahead so that I could catch her expression.  Too bad that was the moment my camera decided to do something weird and refuse to take a photo.  It took me about 20 minutes to get it working again.  I'm still not sure what it was all about.  The only photo that I have from that moment is this blurry shot I took while I was running backwards:
Seeing the Castle at Magic Kingdom for the first time

Thankfully once I got the camera working one of the cast members took pity on me and let me sneak into the downstairs of the castle to take some photos of Mabes and Dan being greeted by Cinderella before they went upstairs.  

One of the other great things about Disney is that each person is willing to play their part.  Every character has a handler to help them and direct the crowd.  I went up to Cinderella's handler and told her that Mabes believed that she had been invited personally by Cinderella.  The handler told Cinderella and so as Mabes stepped up Cinderella said, "Oh Mabes!  I am so glad you received my invitation and were able to come.  I was so hoping you would join me at the castle for breakfast!"  Mabes of course ate it all up adding to the magic of the already special day.
Meeting Cinderella

Once upstairs Dan took over photo duties and I went outside and hung out with Nicole. 
Mabes and Sleeping Beauty
Mabes and Ariel
Mabes and Belle
Mabes and Snow White

Dan said for that hour Mabes was in Heaven.  She likes to remind us that she couldn't eat her food.  Apparently every time she would go to eat something they would announce the arrival of another princess and she would put everything down and watch as the princess went from table to table.  Dan said it was really cute.

What a great memory for the two of them to share.
Mabes and Dan with Cinderella

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