22 February 2012

early a.m. art project

Anyone who has known me for any period of time can attest to the fact that I am not a morning person.  This trait is not conducive to the whole being-the-mother-of-a-toddler-lifestyle I currently lead.  I have learned to adapt and overcome.  Which means no one talks to me for at least the first fifteen minutes I'm awake and in return my head won't rotate 360 degrees around on my neck while I spew fire at everyone.  Anyone who has met Mabes knows that not talking for fifteen minutes is the equivalent of having her fingernails ripped out one by one.

My point is mornings can be rough around here.

I think we can all agree that no one likes to start their day off on a bad foot.  Recently I have been coming up with small tasks or projects to keep Mabes quiet and busy for at least 15 minutes while I will myself awake from underneath a quilt on the couch.

Recently I stumbled upon a great project that keeps her entertained for more than the 15 much needed minutes.  I can even go to the restroom and get dressed uninterrupted some mornings!  Today I thought I would share the miracle project with you.

I'm certainly not reinventing the wheel, but maybe there are some of you out there who had never heard of Ziploc painting before.  Hey, it's possible.  I hadn't until last week.

Ziploc Painting
1.  Gather your materials.  Ziploc bags and paints are a must.  You can also use some cardstock or note cards if you want to keep some of the paintings.  I suggest using a heavier type of paper because it will become very saturated and will easily rip.  As for the paint, I am sure that finger paints would work just as well.  I happen to have a ton of acrylic paints in my craft dresser and were the easiest to grab and pour into the bags.

Ziploc Painting
2.  Put paint into Ziploc bag.  I found that you don't want to be too skimpy on the amount of paint you put in the bag as it makes it harder to push around.

Ziploc Painting
3.  Add your cardstock/note card to the bag if you want at this point.

Ziploc Painting
4.  Seal bag shut.  Seriously, make sure that thing is sealed tight.  I also had Mabes work on a plastic placemat that was easy to clean up just in case.  Another good idea might be to tape the bag shut or down to the placemat to avoid any major accidents like the opening of the Ziploc.  Let your toddler smoosh the paint any which way they want.

Ziploc Painting
5. If you did add a piece of paper into the bag I suggest removing it as soon as it is covered in paint.  The longer it is in the bag the more likely it is to rip.

Ziploc Painting
The feeling of the paint squishing around in the bag is endless entertainment when you are four-years-old, I promise.

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