06 February 2012

i wanna be a duck...

Our first morning in Florida Dan and I took Mabes to the Peabody Orlando hotel.  The Peabody hotels are famously known for one thing.  Actually five things.  Ducks.  Every morning five ducks are escorted down to a fountain  to the tune of John Philip Sousa's King Cotton March.  (I later learned that as soon as they hatch they are taught to walk on a red carpet to this song.)  If you are lucky the Duck Master may even pick you from the crowd to help get the ducks and escort them down.  Unfortunately we weren't lucky enough to be selected, but we had fun anyways.

While I don't believe in reincarnation I wouldn't have minded coming back as a Peabody duck.  Why you ask?  I have three good reasons and they are as follows:

Peabody #5
#1  They have their own staff (who carries the official title of  Duck Master) who takes care of all of their needs.  About thirty minutes before the ducks were due to come downstairs, this guy comes out and sets up steps and various signs around the fountain.  He puts food on little pedestals and generally speaking makes sure everything is in order for their arrival.
Peabody #2
#2  They have their own, private elevator.  Before the ducks came down I followed the red carpet to see where it led.  Which took me straight to this:  
Peabody #1
#3  When not in the fountain, they have a $100,000 duck palace.  Located on the second floor just off the tennis courts.  Complete with another fountain and duck statues.
Peabody #3
So to recap life as a Peabody duck would include my own staff, a private elevator and a palace.  Yep, totally down with that.  I also read that they only work for three months and then they are retired to live out the rest of their lives on a farm.  Talk about easy living.
Peabody #4
If you are ever in the Orlando, Memphis or Little Rock areas, I highly recommend a trip to see the ducks. Dan and I had fun doing so and more importantly so did this little chick:
Peabody #6

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