07 February 2012

someone is in the kitchen with gamma

Last week my Mom came and spent several days with us.  Mabes loves when her Gamma comes to town. 

One afternoon Gamma and Mabes decided to make Valentine's Day cookies.  This was the perfect activity for the girlie who dreams of one day owning her very own bakery.  Feeling adventurous we decided that rather than plain heart cutouts we would try create little bite size candy-heart-looking cookies.  This was also the perfect opportunity for me to use the edible pens I had bought awhile back to write messages on the cookies.  Since writing on frosting would be impossible we needed to try our hand at making fondant from scratch.  

We were a little worried about the fondant.  Mainly because fondants we had tasted in the past at various events were in a word...gross.  The recipe we used had a butter-cream-frosting taste (as well as a whole lot of sugar!).  

Everything seemed to be going really smoothly.  

Queue doomsday music here.

After letting the cookies chill in the fridge for awhile we brought them out and started to write.  Only the markers didn't want to write on the fondant.  We could have let this get us down.  We could have left the cookies plain with fondant hearts.  Instead we dug deep, rallied and flipped the cookies over and created secret message Valentine cookies.
Baking with Gamma #3
Baking with Gamma #2
Baking with Gamma #1
The girlie said her favorite part was operating the mixer speeds.  Silly girl.  
Baking with Gamma #4

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  1. love those chubby little fingers cutting out the cookies! :)


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