21 February 2012

the girl can spin a yarn

Just a quick update on things around here today.  I still have no voice.  It fluctuates between a raspy whisper and a raspy screech depending on how loud I try to talk.  It is about the furthermost thing from music to anyone's ears.  Mabes it seems has also come down with a case of the sickies.  I'm taking her to the doctor in just a little bit.  Whatever will we do if the girlie doesn't have a voice and we can't hear stories like this for awhile?

In case you couldn't tell this was her telling me all about a dream she had where Dan and I turned into geese.  Also, did you catch her using the word realize in the video?  I'm not sure where she picked it up but this is her go to word and we hear it about 20 times a day as she will cram it into a sentence at all costs.  My favorite is, "Mama did you realize I have to go potty?"  

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