09 February 2012

valentines crazy

It seems this year we are going a little crazy with the whole Valentine's Day thing at our house.  Besides all of the baking the girlie and I have been doing this week we have also been squeezing in craft projects where we can.

Awhile back on Pinterest I came across someone who had used an old toilet paper roll to make a heart stamp.  I thought it was perfect for the valentines Mabes is planning to give her friends this year.  To start, I cut random strips of construction paper using regular scissors and pinking shears.  Then I cut out a small construction paper heart.  We then glued it all together.  After that it was up to Mabes to do some stamping.  She used one end of the toilet paper roll to make red hearts and the other made purple.  The paints we used were the Crayola finger paints.  Word to the wise if you decide to do this project, make sure you put some newspaper or a plastic mat down to help with the mess.  Someone got a little excited and started stamping my wooden table.  Thank goodness for washable paint!  
Another easy craft we did involved a random piece of yarn, some left over heart shaped doilies from a project last year, and two pieces of scotch tape.  I love this festive little banner for the mantle.  Cheap, easy and entertaining for the toddler (or Gamma who helped her put it together).  
As for my favorite project from this year, I have to give credit to these adorable little Pottery Barn envelopes on Pinterest.  However, I didn't really feel like spending almost $20 with shipping to purchase one.  Instead I bought a large rectangle shaped piece of stiff, white felt for $1, a piece of regular red felt for $0.50 and some red and white embroidery thread for $0.33 each from the craft store.  I don't think it turned out bad for only $2.16.
Love Notes
Sorry I didn't take pictures of my creative process.  Honestly, I was so busy making it that I didn't even think to stop and document.  I will try and explain how I made it if anyone is curious.  If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.
Love Note
1.  I took the white felt and folded it not quite in half making it so that the top part could fold down creating an envelope type flap.  

2.  Using a sewing machine and some white thread to sew the two sides and bottom of the envelope.  

3.  With fabric scissors I cut scallops all the way around the white felt edges.

4.  Using the red embroidery thread I stitched all the way around the edge of the white felt.

5.  I sewed a little bit of Velcro from my craft supplies on the flap and on the envelope to be able to close it and keep it closed.  

6.  From the red felt I cut out a heart and using white embroidery thread I stitched around the edge of that as well.  This is also the point when I attached the heart to the envelope by laying it on the flap and using the embroidery thread along the top part to do double duty of outline and attaching it to the envelope.

7.  Using an exact-o knife I cut two little slices into the back layer of the white felt to slide ribbons that I already had through the back so that I could attach this to a chair.  

Mabes has loved this and checks it roughly a dozen times a day looking for notes from me and Dan.  I think we may leave it on the chair year round.  

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