20 February 2012

the voice

Sorry for the absence.  I have been battling what was first thought to be a sinus infection or seasonal allergies for about two weeks now.  At the end of last week things started to get much worse.  As in I could barely get myself up off the couch I was so miserable.  Another trip to the doctor and they now think that I had strep.  The meds that they gave me seemed to have cleared up a lot of the symptoms.  Unfortunately my throat is still very swollen and sore and my voice is mostly a whisper.  When I do try to talk any louder I sound a lot like Kathleen Turner as Chandler's Dad in Friends and then pay for it with rounds of coughing and pain.  Needless to say I have tried to talk as little as possible.

Mabes has made it her mission to fill every second of silence:
Filling the silence
Hoping tomorrow is much better than this weekend was.


  1. LMAO! I am not by any means laughing at your misery, but her expressions in those photos are hysterical. I am hoping you feel much much better soon!

    Mabry and Natalie are a pair made in heaven. Natalie even talks in her sleep. *sigh*

  2. What is with Mabry's eyes in that bottom photo? Sorry you're not feeling well...hope you feel better soon.

    Love ya,
    your mom xo


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