15 February 2012

you spin me right round

I feel before I go any farther into writing this post I should warn you about something.  These are, hands down, the worst photos ever to appear on this blog.  Roller skating rinks, iPhones and being on skates or having a toddler on skates attached to you is total photo suicide.  I'm sorry, just not sorry enough to stop myself from sharing them with you anyhow.

A few weekends ago Mabes attended her first roller skating party.  Pumped is a good expression to describe how she felt going into the party.  Monster would be a good way to describe her once we slipped the Fischer Price skates on over her shoes.  She was a little shaky, to be expected when you are a first timer.  The screaming, yelling, tantrum throwing was not expected or all that welcome.

(Note the photo in the bottom left corner.  She was literally growling at me and all the blood was rushing to her face as she balled her fists in fury.)
Skating #2
I was allowed to walk out onto the rink in my shoes.  Mabes loved this fact and pretty much attached herself to me for the first half of the party.  Her favorite thing to do was make her body go rigid while I held her arms and basically ran down the rink with her (see bottom photo).   
Skating #1
This was all well and good until Dan and I decided to try and encourage and teach her how to skate on her own. More tantrums and fits were followed up by hesitation and then finally independent skating and even laughter. Mabes loved all the lights being projected onto the floor.
Skating #3
All in all the skating rink turned out to be a success.  Mabes even requested that we go back again soon.  Of course who can't resist the allure of disco balls, skates that fit right on your shoes and party favors that make you look like you are channeling your inner Elton John?
Skating #4
Not this girl.


  1. She has quite the temper that granddaughter of mine...but gamma had to laugh at this post...sorry Mabes. So do you think she'll want to go to the new skating rink at my house?

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahah. Mabry has such a temper but I too couldn't help but laugh! Maybe A. B. and Uncle Spen should get Mabry her own skates so she can practice at home (in the garage)

  3. LOL. She has quite the personality! I wonder where she gets that from? ;)
    LOVE the huge kid skates...too dang cute.


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