05 March 2012

age old protest

This past Saturday was my 30th birthday.  To be honest, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.  Mainly because when I think about myself I don't really age.  In my mind I am still stuck in that period of time between 18 and 21.  People in their 30s are old.  I'm not old.  How in the world can I be 30?  This is something I am still struggling to wrap my head around.

I wasn't sure how to celebrate this year.  Part of me wanted to quietly slip into my old age with just Dan and Mabes and part of me wanted to stamp my foot in protest and refuse to grow one second older.  Even if only for a day.  What is it some people say about their birthdays, that they can eat as much as they want because that day calories don't count?  Well for me my birthday was all about seconds and minutes standing still and not counting.

Which is why I ran away to Never Never Land for my birthday.

Rule #1 for the party was that everyone had to come in costume.  Dan immediately wanted to be John and originally we were going to make Mabes into Michael.  I wanted to be a lost boy, but the other two told me I had to be Peter Pan since it was my party.

Dan's top hat and glasses both came from Party City.  The glasses are actually Harry Potter glasses.  Did you know that Party City has a large selection of costumes year round?  Finding him pajamas was a different story.  If he were to have worn the same over sized sleep shirt that Michael wore in the movie it would have cost us almost $100 ordering it online.  They don't even sell anything like that in stores around here.  I ended up changing the look slightly and buying a pair of pajamas from Walmart that still had the same feel but included pants, which was better for everyone.

Finding a pair of solid color pink footie pajamas for Mabes online or in stores was impossible.  So then we went to plan B which was to ask Mabes who else she wanted to be.  She picked Tiger Lily and offered to wear her Pocahontas costume.  As a back up in case she had a total meltdown on the morning of the party I also picked up a Tinkerbell costume that was on clearance at Party City for $5.  

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make different child size Peter Pan costumes, but nothing for adults.  I ended up using this tutorial as inspiration and doing my own thing.  I am happy to report that I had enough sense to at least remember to grab my cell phone and take some photos of the whole process.  So without further ado, I give you:

How to Make an Adult Size Peter Pan Costume

1.  Go to Joann's or your local fabric store and buy 1 yard of green felt.  Full price I think it was $4.99/yd. and they almost always have sales or a 40% off coupon.  

2.  Fold the yard of felt in half.
photo 1-3

3.  At the top of the fabric where you have folded find the center of the fabric and using scissors make a tiny cut to mark center.  You could also use chalk to mark the center.

4.  Next I laid a t-shirt of mine on top of the fabric so that I could see how wide I needed to make the neck.  I made sure to center the shirt with the center cut I had made.  (At first I had tried to just eye-ball how large to create the neck opening, don't do that.  Just use a t-shirt.)  I used chalk to mark each side.  
photo 2-3
photo 3-3

5.  I cut a scoop from one chalk line to the other through both pieces of fabric.  Then in the front piece I cut a triangle.  
photo 4-2

6.  Next using the t-shirt as a guide I drew a rough outline on one side to create a shirt shape.  This was more to see how far down I needed to make the sleeves than anything else.  I knew that I wanted the shirt to be longer and I also wanted it to be wider for when I tied the belt to my waist, so I made sure to taper it out.
photo 5-2

7.  Once I had the line drawn the way I wanted (don't worry this is technically the inside of your shirt and the chalk washes away easily with a damp cloth if you need to redraw lines like I did) and then I cut it out.

8.  I stopped and tried on the shirt at this point it was more like a poncho.  I wanted to be sure that the sleeve was the right size and that the neckline was OK.  Let's pretend that I have super awesome hair and that I didn't have my phone at a weird angle in this photo, OK?  
photo 1

9.  Next I took off my poncho and put the fabric back on the floor and then folded it in half and using the chalk traced out the other side of the shirt so that it would be even.
photo 3
photo 4

10.  Finish cutting out the other side of the shirt.  For the bottom I cut it more rounded than straight across.
photo 5

11.  Pin the sides.  
photo 1-1

12.   I sewed each of the sides as close to the edge as I could because I was afraid that I would end up making it too tight and I did not want to seam rip felt.  I used the edge of the presser foot as my guide to keep things straight.
photo 2-1

13.  Once you are finished sewing turn the shirt inside out.

14.  For the sleeves I eyeballed a small triangle shape and cut it out.  Then I used one of the triangles as my guide for how big to make my cuts.  I did this along the edges of both sleeves.  
photo 3-1
photo 4-1

15.  Along the bottom of the shirt I did the same thing only cutting larger triangles.  
photo 5-1

I know that seems like a lot of steps, but start to finish I bet the whole thing took me less than 30 minutes to make.  

I put on a pair of brown leggings I already had and braided a few pieces of twine to create the belt.  Instead of the traditional hat, I had a friend make me a crown.  I told her to use earthy colors when she made the crown and I think it turned out great.  I added a little red felt feather to complete the look. 

Here we all are in the photo booth area I had set up:
Party 2

My parents came up from Atlanta to help celebrate.  Mom was a lost boy (that is dirt on her face, not shadows) and Dad was a pirate.
Party 1

All week I plan to show you photos and videos about various things party/birthday related, so be sure to come back tomorrow!


  1. Oh my goodness Jess...I love it! I can't wait to see the rest of the party :)

  2. You guys look great!!! Love the costumes!!!!!


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