06 March 2012

goodie, goodie

Today I thought I would share some of the details that transformed our home into a Lost Boys wonderland.

The Lost Boys live in a tree, an option that my living room just doesn't agree with.  So I went with the next best thing: green and brown streamers tossed about the room to look like abstract limbs and leaves.
Tree House
Along the mantle I hung a sign with the Lost Boy's favorite word, Bangerang, as well as silhouettes of Hook fighting the crocodile.
Hook and Croc
I removed everything from the bookshelf and Mom and I put up photos of me as a baby and child.  Do you see that treasure chest on the bottom shelf?  That was my present from my Mom and sister complete with 30 gifts for 30 years.  I also had a map of Neverland, candles, a wooden fish and a jar of LED fireflies on the shelves.
In the corner of the living room we created a photo booth, more on that later this week.
Photo Booth
For the goodie bags I used brown paper lunch bags and printed one of my favorite Peter Pan quotes on the bottom of each bag  using the Rapscallion font.  Next I filled the bags with fun things like gold coins made of chocolate (treasure!), pixie sticks that represented pixie dust, pirate patches (made from this tutorial) and suckers with stickers on them that read, "30 Sucks."  I folded down the top of the bag and using a yarn needled sewed it shut using some green bakers twine and embellished it with homemade red felt feathers.
Goodie Bags
On the chalkboard in the kitchen more Peter Pan quotes:
To eat we had Jimmy Johns subs, pickles, pretzels and chips and dip, potato salad, lemonade and pop.  Mabes made my angel food cake birthday cake.  Mom and I created the little cake topped using some bakers twine, washi tape and two skewers.
The final touch was the entertainment, which was outside in the garage and driveway, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to hear/see all about it.  It will be worth the wait, I promise.


  1. how cute! all the little touches are awesome, you really thought of everything. happy belated birthday!!

  2. Everything looks so good. Maybe you should come and do Katy's party for real. Is there still time? Did Mabry use Granny's angel food cake recipe? Also what table is that?


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