12 March 2012

my happy little hobo

This weekend Dan and I drove down to Atlanta to visit my parents and to pick up Mabes, who had spent the last week with her Gamma.  The trip was rather uneventful, which was exactly what we were hoping for.  Mainly a lot of upgrading computers to new operating systems, trying to take photos of little wiener dogs (which is almost as easy as nailing jello to a wall), and cutting down huge bushes and gathering up trailer loads of branches into large burn piles.  We also taught Dan the card game, Hand and Foot.  This just made me miss my own Grandma and game nights.  Seriously, life needs more game nights.

Sunday morning we all went to church.  Mabes dressed herself and the look was nothing short of homeless chic.  I tried to explain that not a single thing matched, but she didn't care and so neither did I.  Her wild hair was the cherry on top of the ensemble.  A week away from being constantly documented by Mama and her camera had spun Mabes into some sort of withdrawal.  As soon as she saw me pull out the camera to take the dogs' pictures she was trying to get in the shot.  She was elated when I took her out on the deck and let her spin around for a few pictures.

We even talked Gamma into getting in on the action.  Well not the spinning, but at least she smiled when I aimed the camera in her direction.
Gamma and Mabes Blog
We are now back home and ready to catch up on life.  I have some online classes that are at the top of the list to be finished this week.  I also have a massive DVD collection that needs to be reorganized and moved.  There is also a pile of fabrics just waiting to be sewn into cute pillowcase dresses and pillows that I am hoping to get to by the end of the week.  I'm sure if I sat here for a few minutes I could come up with a rather sizable to do list.  Isn't it funny how some weeks there seems to be nothing to do and other weeks you can't catch up to save yourself?  Pacing and not stressing about it all is the motto to get me to Friday.

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  1. I think she looks cute in her hobo outfit :) I hope you got a lot done last week without the girl talking your ear off. Also that is great picture of Mabry and your mom.


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