21 March 2012

secret world of imagination

About a month ago Mabes and I went to see the movie, The Secret World of Arrietty. While not the biggest fan of the movie, I loved how excited Mabes was about Borrowers. She was constantly talking about them and how much she hoped to see one someday. She also started to invent games where she was a Borrower who would crawl around the house and find sugar cubes (or in our case mini marshmallows) that I had hidden all over the living room, kitchen and dining area.

One of my roommates in college used to tell me stories about the things her mom would tell her when she was little. Things like pink milk coming from bunnies and spaghetti noodles growing in fields and being cut by tiny tractors. It wasn't until she was older that she realized that it wasn't true. She wasn't mad, her Mom just let her imagination run wild and didn't hold her back.

I always thought that was awesome and vowed that when I became a mama I would try and cultivate my kids' imaginations too. I want the creativity to continue to flow through our girlie's veins like rocket fuel.  Someday when her Daddy and I set her free I hope that she goes out and uses that creativity to set the world on fire.

On Pinterest I had seen several different versions of tooth fairy doors. Once when I was in Hobby Lobby I picked up a dollhouse door and knob to make for our house. I figured I would save it until Mabes had her first loose tooth (something she is desperately hoping for). Then all of this Borrower stuff came along and started making me think that this door had other possibilities. Mabes sealed the deal after her visit with my parents last week when she brought home the tops of acorns and brought them home with her. They were hats for fairies she informed me as she piled them on the bookshelf she had in her room. She was sure that a fairy or Borrower would come in and take them.
A little purple and white paint, some super glue and 3M strips later and I had myself a Borrower/Fairy door. While she was out sleeping I snuck into her room and set up the door, half hiding it behind the curtain. I figured that Borrowers would want the door to be at least partially hidden. Then I moved some of the acorns down by the door, as if they had to rush back through the door and dropped a few.
Fairy Door
After that I waited.  And waited.  And waited.

I wanted Mabes to find the door on her own and she didn't notice it for days. It actually took her so long that when she finally did I had no idea what she was talking about.

We were in her room and I was making her bed while she dressed and told me about the crazy dream she had when she stopped mid-sentence. "Uh, Mama," she dropped onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to the curtain and pulled it back and whispered, "A door. Look!"
I convinced her to get dressed while we speculated on who built the door and who lived in the wall. I also took some video while she attempted to knock on the door and listen to see if she could hear anyone walking around on the other side.
 In case any of you are wondering, her conclusion is that it is Borrowers.

This morning I heard her in her room telling the door that even though she was a "human bean" she is really a nice girl and won't trap them. The only things she puts in jars are fireflies, she assured them. Then decided to rephrase that to she would put fireflies in a jar if she ever caught one, but hadn't been able to yet.

I love the imagination of a four-year-old.

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