07 March 2012

sumo fight

For the entertainment at the party Dan and I rented sumo suits and a velcro sticky wall.

The sticky wall was fun, but we had a hard time getting anyone to stick.  Most of the time we would bounce, hit the wall and go flying backwards.  The few times someone would stick we would all gather around and cheer.  Mabes mainly used it as her own personal bounce house.  Truth be told, so did I.
Sticky Wall

The sumo suits, on the other hand, were So. Much. Fun.  I don't think another party will be complete without them.  They were incredibly heavy with all the padding and smelled like a gym bag, but it still didn't stop the fun.  We would take turns fighting one another and being silly until we were so exhausted we could do little more than lay on the ground like turtles flipped over on their shells.

The helmets made it hard to hear with all the padding, as you will see in this video.  The night before the party we set everything up and my sister (who was Skyping with us on the iPad) and I convinced my Mom to put on the suit.  We were all laughing.

My parents were great sports and both put on the suits and fought each other.  
Mom and Dad

Dad was really nice and would help Mom back up when he would knock her over.  Dan on the other hand, well he did this:

Dan isn't really that short in this next photo.  He would squat down as far as he could and then attack people.

It worked well for him most of the time.  Though I have proof there was at least one match where he was sumo slammed:
Sumo Slam

I really wanted a photo of Mabes in the sumo suit.  It was way too big and way too heavy for her to actually wear.  Two of the guys held it up by the arms and Dan stuck the helmet on her head and held her up from behind.  Talk about a tiny head compared to the rest of her body.  When she was just wearing the helmet she even had a hard time holding her head up.  
Sumo Mabes

A few more photos and videos for your enjoyment:

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