13 March 2012

taking care of business

Currently I am knee deep in a whole bunch of little projects and various chores and lists that are threatening to pull me under and drown me.  I woke up this morning determined to sort through and finish and clean out as much as I could before the end of the day.  Basically what it amounts to is Mabes and I need to start operating our days on some sort of a routine and I need to get better organized.

Anyhow, there are a few very important orders of business that need to be addressed here.

1.  Today is our cousin Katy's fifth birthday.  When I told Mabes what day it was she said, "Oh Mama! I have to make her a video and send her a kiss!"  Katy we hope you are having a fantastic day and we hope that this video makes it just a little more special:
2.  I bet you probably thought that I had forgotten all about the giveaway that I held at the end of last week/through the weekend.  I promise I didn't, however since I didn't announce the winner yesterday I thought I would go ahead and pick two people.  So congratulations Aubrey and Sandy!
3.  Last thing for today, I have had several people leave me comments or send emails regarding different things I have in my house (furniture, artwork, etc.) would you all be interested in a house tour series one week where I take you room by room?

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