24 April 2012

dear burrito, week 4

Dear Burrito In My Belly,

Welcome to the world little one!  We found out about you on Sunday morning (April 15th) before church.  I have to be honest, after trying for three years and taking countless pregnancy tests with a negative result, I was shocked to see that "pregnant" come across the screen.

When I woke your Daddy up and handed him the test it took a second for his brain to register what his eyes were reading.  He must have been shocked too.  The look on his face when he jumped up to hug me was priceless.

We could not be more thrilled to know that you are on your way.  Actually, there aren't really words to express how we feel.  Thrilled doesn't even begun to cut it.

I know it might seem strange to already be writing you letters when you are literally the size of a sesame seed.  Five years ago when I was pregnant with your sister I really thought I would remember every little thing that happened.  I couldn't imagine forgetting one second of the pregnancy or of her life.  The reality is, as time passes, things do start to fade.  While you will soon learn that your Mama is about as far from a pack rat as one can get, I do like to collect and store memories.  These letters will serve as good reminders of what transpires over the next eight months or so.

While there is no doubt in our minds or hearts how much we love you, kiddo your sister might love you even more.  She has been praying for you for as long as I can remember.  Late Monday afternoon we sat her down on the couch and told her that just like last year when we had to wait until December for Daddy to come back from deployment we were again going to have to wait until December.  Only this year instead of waiting for Daddy we were going to be waiting for the baby that was growing in my belly to come.  At first she only sat there and said, "Oh."  Then it hit her, she was going to be a big sister.  The rest of the day was spent yelling and singing, "I'm going to be a big sister!"

As a matter of fact she is literally screaming, "BIG SISTER" in this photo:
The Day She Found Out She Would Be a Big Sister 4.16.2012

She also wanted us to teach her lullabies so that she can sing to you.  She sings a lot and loudly, get used to it.  Probably the sweetest thing she said was that if you were a girl she would share her sparkly red Dorothy shoes with you and if you were a boy we had her permission to sell all of her shoes to buy some boy ones for you.

I told her that for now we are keeping you a secret from most of the world.  The other day we stopped to get a Subway sandwich and told them that I wanted it toasted.  Mabes asked why and I explained that when I was pregnant with her the doctor advised not eating cold deli meats, that it was better to have them cooked.  She looked alarmed and whispered to me through clenched teeth, "MAMA!  THE BABY IS A SECRET."  Then she did a nervous laugh and waved at the guy behind the counter and said, "She is just joking."  Did I mention your sister thinks she is forty-five-years-old?

You just keep hanging out in my belly and growing and I'll take care of everything else going on out here.  Deal?

Love you more than you can imagine,

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