12 April 2012

i am lame

I really thought that I had it together this week.  Turns out, a whole bunch of things crawled out of nowhere and slapped me right in the face.  So instead of the peaceful easy week I had planned,  Dan and I have been running around like lunatics trying to get everything done and be everywhere we have needed to be.  How does this always happen?

I have often read on various blogs about the need to slow things down.  Seriously, Internets, that is exactly what my family needs.  I just honestly don't have the slightest idea how to go about making cutbacks.  How do you scale back?  How do you slow down?

Anyhow, sorry for such a lame post.  I do have a few links and a video to share with you as a peace offering.  I will be back tomorrow with all kinds of photos and maybe even a story or two.

Longest Bridal Train
Dollar Shave Club  Play the video on the main page.  You are welcome.

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