04 April 2012

mostly wordless wednesday: first t-ball practice

T-Ball 9
T-Ball 8
T-Ball 10
T-Ball 1
T-Ball 7
T-Ball 6
T-Ball 5
T-Ball 4
T-Ball 3
T-Ball 2

1.  This is Mabes first foray into the world of sports.  She said that she had a blast.  Most of practice was spent talking to her "new best friend" or dancing in circles.
2.  Dan is the coach of the team.  Mabes and I are both super proud of him for stepping up into this role.  Mabes is also impressed that he is a "baseball teacher for [her] friends."
3.  When the batter hit the ball towards first base, Mabes would run from her position as third baseman after the ball.
4.  The batter's helmet was way too big for her and would slide down her face any time she tilted her head.
5.  I can't wait for the first game.  


  1. I can't wait to see a game. These pictures had me laughing.

  2. When is her game? I want to come!


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