16 April 2012

our house: the living room

Welcome to week three of the Our House series here at Unsuppressed Jess.  If you missed weeks 1 or 2 you can click the links and check it out.  Today I thought I would continue the tour with our living room.

The kitchen and dining room flow into the living room, which means I want the two spaces to compliment each other while also having their own feel.  When we first moved in I had the living painted green and it was less than seven months before I changed it because it was a big green monster that was impossible to decorate with.  The color is now Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams.  It is perfect, pulling warm tones when paired with warm colors and cool tones when paired with cool colors.
Living Room 1

1.  An ever changing display of family photos.  Barn wood frames from Hobby Lobby.
2.  Above the mantel looks weird if there isn't something there.  There is just too much empty space.  Unfortunately it is so high up that anything I set up there also looks weird.  Finally I took a little scrap fabric and starch and created some love birds and put them on the wall.  This was not only an easy project, but cheap and ridiculously easy to change out whenever I feel like it.
3.  Our real leather chair came from the clearance room at a local furniture store.  We scored it for $200.  Originally it was $1300.  Talk about a steal.  Dan calls it the "Man Chair."  I just call it incredibly comfy.

Living Room 2

1.  These are plain brown curtain panels from Target.  I would love to have some sort of a pattern for the curtains instead.  However, nothing that I have come across has worked or been in a color scheme I want to use.
2.  My library card catalog is from an antiques store about an hour from here.  It is my favorite piece of furniture.  Currently it holds all of our Keurig k-cups, a silver set, cloth napkins and lots of other random odds and ends.
3.  This little wooden box came from another antique store.  It works perfect for holding all of our remotes and glasses of tea and water when we are watching TV.
4.  People ask me about what is over the door all the time.  Growing up my Gramma always had three wise men (usually cut from the front of a Christmas card) taped above her door.  She said that it brought prosperity.  I like to keep the tradition and it makes me think of her every time I see my wise men.
5.  Our furniture came from American Signature Furniture.  My cousin, Jen, has the same couch and when I saw how deep it was and how comfortable it was I started saving up to buy one of my own.

Living Room 3

1.  This is a wooden sign that I made with my sister last year when she came to visit and helped with the board and batten in the office.  I may redo this sign (pick a new quote...change things up a bit) and create a tutorial later on.
2.  This pillow was made from a bed sham from Urban Outfitters.
3.  Our bookshelf came from Havertys.  It has all kinds of odds and ends on it.
4.  I am not a huge fan of sconces.  However, even after living here for three years I can't come up with a single other thing to put on this wall with the cutout.  There needs to be something.  Again, too much blank space.  Suggestions?

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. So I had to google keurig k cups but when I saw that it was coffee related I didn't feel so dumb:). I have the same problem with big empty spaces. I think what you have done looks great


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