23 April 2012

our house: the master bedroom

Welcome back to another week of my house tour.   

Today I thought I would give you a peek into our master bedroom.  I'm going to be honest and say that this has been by far the hardest room in the house to decorate.  I just haven't put together the right combination for this room, but I am getting there.

As soon as you walk into the room this is what you see:
1.  This is a piece of driftwood from when we lived in Washington State.  Dan picked it up on a beach for me and brought it home.  On our fifth wedding anniversary (wood) he preserved it and had a sweet note engraved to add to it.  The engraved note is a very military minded gesture---those guys are always handing out plaques and awards.  I love it.
2.  This is one of those I heart you because signs you have probably seen all over Pinterest.  I'll be honest, I've had it almost a year and I think I have written on it twice.  Just keeping it real.
3.  Our bedding came from West Elm.  I like having a quilt vs. a comforter.  What I would really like is a white quilt with a fun colorful bunting going across the bottom third of the quilt.  Sort of like this one only without as many rows of bunting.  (Side note: AMB and Jennifer you are two of the prettiest, sweetest ladies I know. I'm just saying.)
4.  I bought these curtains from Target.  I like them, except that they are way too short.  I have yet to decide if I want to add a panel of white to the bottoms to increase their length or if I want to give up and try something totally different.  I did think about no curtains and just doing bamboo privacy roller blinds.  Thoughts?

1.  This is where I hang my necklaces and obviously the earring holder has been redone and updated to match since I took this photo.  
2.  The world's ugliest chair.  This used to be in my Granny's house and had an ugly blue and grey floral slipcover on it.  I took that off and discovered an even uglier fabric underneath.  I am considering having it redone with some sort of a velvet material.  Maybe just a bright white or light grey.  Something I can use in any room, not just our bedroom.  
3.  I made this planters box out of old palette wood.  I painted the Tagalog word for Forever and our anniversary on the one end. 
4.  This frame has the love chapter.  I made this years ago and will probably never change it.
5.  I like to display my jewelry where I can see it, not just stored in a box.  I like the bright colors and the memories that they bring to mind when I look at them.  Plus I tend to wear things more when I see them.

1.  These candle holders came from Hobby Lobby.  I repainted them and to be honest, I am not really digging them anymore.  I am thinking about taking them down but can't decide what to put up in their place.  I have a few ideas, but nothing I am ready to put into action.
2.  This subway art sign is another place holder that I am not in love with and plan to take down soon.
3.  Our headboard and foot board are originally from Pottery Barn.  However, I scored them on Craigslist for a crazy small fraction of the amount I would have paid in the store.  
4.  I scored this photo from a scary woman in Times Square.  I really don't like it, and it will be going the same way the subway sign does---off the wall.
5.  Dan loves Penn State.  Which means my chances of getting rid of the Nittany Lion shrine are slim to none.
6.  I found that some of the electronics leave a strange discoloration on our white furniture.  I found these cute woven grey place mats at IKEA and they work perfectly on our nightstands to protect them.  

This is the view standing near the ugly chair looking back across the room:

A close up of the shelves on the wall:
1.  I took some ink and overlapped both Dan's and my thumbprints to create a heart.  
2.  A Mumford and Sons lyric that I embroidered on a piece of scrap fabric.
3.  These shelves were built from some old palette wood and other scraps I had laying around in my garage.  They are a little warped and from certain angles appear to be skewed on the wall, but they are level...I promise.
4.  Another Pinterest inspiration made with some embroidery thread and a scrap of burlap.

There you have it, the master bedroom.  

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