02 April 2012

our house: the office (updated)

UPDATE:  I have included part of a post I wrote last year regarding how I put up the board and batten.  It is from my old blog, which is no longer active.  While they aren't the best instructions, I think it might be helpful or inspiring to some of you.  Please note that I did the board and batten before I painted the walls in the office yellow--no need to adjust your computer screens, you really will be seeing green.

A few weeks back I had asked if anyone would be interested in a house tour.  I haven't had one on this blog before and figured that it might be something fun.  Plus I get several emails and comments asking about various things people see in photos I do post.  So for the next few Mondays I am going to be sharing with you a room in our house.  First up our office.

Office 1
The office is located in the fourth bedroom/bonus room of our house above the garage.  Inspired by this Pinterest pin I had Dan cut the door that goes to the office in half.  Then using a few nails and a piece of scrap wood and stain I added the top ledge.  This has been great for keeping little people out of the office while I work but still being able to hear everything that goes on in the house.  It also works for heating/cooling purposes as well.

This is the view of the office when you first come up the stairs:
Office 2
1.  I bought this material from this shop on Etsy.  The name of it is Double Bloom Ivory.  
2.  The bookcases are actually metal military shelving units.  I bought them at a church yard sale for $25.  Then I cleaned them up and gave them a fresh update with some spray paint and material backing on each of the shelves.  
3.  The board and batten was one of the cheapest and easiest projects I have ever done.  My sister came to visit last spring and we had this done in less than an afternoon.
4.  My desk is an antique from at least the 1950s (or so says the carvings in the one drawer) that I picked up from the local ReStore.  Did you know that those stores sometimes have furniture and not just home improvement items?  
5.  My desk chair is from Home Goods.  It is comfortable and awesome.

Office 3
1.  Dan's desk chair is another antique store find.  His desk is from IKEA and we are hoping to someday find him a desk similar to mine.
2.  The bars with the jars that hold all of our pens and pencils also came from IKEA.
3.  This little metal frame was originally a beat up chalkboard that I found on clearance at a Christmas Tree Shoppe.  I brought it home and dismantled it and added a piece of cork board.  

This is the view looking back from the window towards the stairs:
Office 4
1/2.  These are all photos and a shadow box from our trip to Hawaii last year.  The pictures and the bright cheerful color on the walls and drape/pillow fabric make it feel like a little slice of paradise, at least until we can get back there for real.  (I took some extra fabric from the drapes and made the throw pillow on the chair.  On the back side is a blue, brown and white stripe fabric which was left over from lining the bookshelf backs.)
3.  The girlie's art easel.  She spends a lot of time up here hanging out reading books and coloring. 
4.  This dresser is from IKEA and holds all of my craft supplies.  On top is Dan's TV and Playstation3.  
5.  Fun fact: when I was painting this room I didn't want to rent/buy a ladder or scaffolding to paint the stairs.  So instead I taped a paintbrush to a yard stick and hung over that little half wall by the easel to paint up along the top of the wall/edge of the ceiling.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

The color of the walls is Olympic Shell Flower (A16-3) from Lowes.
(From a post previously published in June 2011)
Fast forward two months to Memorial Day weekend when my sister drove down to spend a few days with Mabes and I.  We had a list of over 15 projects we wanted to complete before she left.  To say it was a whirlwind visit would be an understatement.  At the top of the list was the board and batten. I had already done a lot of the prep work.

A few weeks back I had purchased a gallon of paint in Cool Grey by Valspar.  Then one night while Skyping with Dan I proceeded to paint the wall.  I had read from several people that painting the wall first and then attaching the boards was so much easier than painting everything at the end.

 I went to Lowes to buy a sheet of MDF to cut up for all the wood strips.  That seems to be the material of choice out in blogger world.  The problem is MDF is really solid, heavy and thick.  So I bought a sheet of a really smooth plywood-like board that was $10 cheaper, very thin and light weight and located right next to the sheets of MDF.  Then I made the Lowes guy use his saw (why not it's free) to cut me all the pieces I would need.
Board and Batten in the Office copy
So while Betsy was here we sanded and painted two coats on all the boards.  Then using a hammer and some trim nails we started hanging everything up on the wall.  The horizontal boards went up as high as the slope in the ceiling and the vertical strips started up against one wall and it worked out to have them exactly one foot apart the entire way across ending up with the last board right up against the wall on the other side.  This was a gift from the mathematical gods, because figuring out exact measurements is not my thing.

Honestly it took us just a few hours to get it all up, caulk all the seams and give it one last quick coat of paint.  Best of all since the boards were so thin I didn't have to worry about sawing the ends off at a 45 degree angle to make them match up better with the floor boards.
Board and Batten in the Office #2 copy

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  1. Love the room Jess. Did you blog about how you did the board and batten? Could you send me a link to your directions? I'm too lazy to look. :)



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