05 April 2012

pullen park

Internets, I am going to be phoning this post in.  The office is roughly the same temperature as the third realm of hell.  An easily rectifiable situation if I were to turn on the air conditioning.  Except have you checked your calendar?  It is only April, very early April at the thought of already having to turn on the A/C in the house is just crazy.  (Plus the rest of the house is a really nice temperature and the low electric bill is alluring.)

What I was just trying to say in 85 words is this, hot office = as little time on the computer for Jess as possible.

So enjoy all the (unedited) photos from our trip to Pullen Park last week.

Pullen Park 3
Boats 1
All the rides in the park are $1.  You can't beat it.  The train was the biggest hit both with Mabes and the adults.  I loved being able to ride around the perimeter of the park and seeing the walking trails, paddle boats and waterfalls.
Pullen Park 1
Pullen Park #2
See Saw
Being the bigger person on the see saw has its advantages.  I should have thought to bring myself a book. I could have relaxed there all day and Mabes wasn't going anywhere.  Ha!

This carousel is from the early 1900s.  It is AWESOME.  Mabes insisted that if she leaned really far back (bottom left photos) she looked like she was flying.  
Merry Go Round
Ps.  If you happen to live anywhere within driving distance of Raleigh, I highly recommend Pullen Park as a must see place.

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  1. Wonder if the lady in the background of your last photo agrees with your PS statement? I on the other hand think it looks like a really fun place.



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