03 April 2012

spring has sprung

I think it is safe to say that spring is officially here.

The flowers I planted last year have started to bloom in the front of the house, which is exciting. Mabes thinks that they are all "lovely" and "wonderful." I'm just glad that I was able to plant them and keep them alive for a year. Gardening is not my thing at all, especially when it comes to flowers. I'm not even sure I can tell you what I planted. Scratch that, I'm positive I have no idea what I planted.

When I was younger (think around 6th or 7th grade I believe) I tried to do a little gardening near our playhouse in the woods behind our house. I was pretty sure that there were weeds growing back there and I wanted to pretty the place up a bit. I worked hard and was proud of myself when I pulled out the last weed. Turns out I had just been wrist deep in poison ivy for about an hour. My swollen itchy hands still haunt me.

Gardening, it isn't for me.

Another sure sign of spring, the great pollen apocalypse we just came out of.

Poor Dan has been consumed by allergies. His biggest complaint is that it makes the top of his mouth itch. If he doesn't take a Zyrtec right before bed we are both up all night with his coughing and itching. Thankfully the means help and he is able to sleep. I, on the other hand, usually toss and turn as his snoring has reached new levels of loudly annoying. I bought him Breathe Right Strips. They don't work. I have tried insisting he talk to the doctor about it, but so far no luck in getting him to. Maybe the day he comes home from work and is greeted by a Walking Dead zombie (because Internets, that's what I'm starting to resemble on a steady diet of 2-3 hours of sleep a night) he will change his mind.

Another option is that I'll really channel my love for all things vintage/retro and get us a set of 1950s twin beds. Which we can then put in two separate rooms.  I smell a home re-do!

The last sure sign of spring around here has to do with the (fake) hanging plants we have on the porch. The other day we were outside doing a little yard work when Dan spied a bird flying out of one of the plants. He walked over and spied this:
Nest 1

Do you see it right in the top center of the plant?  A tiny little nest made of twigs and cotton.

We were both curious if the little nest had eggs, but did not want to get too close and risk the mother not coming back. So I grabbed my camera and climbed up on the railing of the porch. Using the zoom I was able to spot five tiny eggs!
Nest 4

Nest 2

We showed Mabes and she was really excited. At first she wanted me to scramble them for her. The kid has a slight obsession with scrambled eggs. Once I explained that there were baby birds in there she became even more excited and baby bird watch 2012 has officially begun.
Nest 3
In case you are wondering, the Mama bird has been back to the nest, so we didn't disturb anything.

Hope all of your springs are starting out on good notes and with pretty blooms.

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