25 April 2012

swing batter!

T-Ball season is officially in full swing around here and we are all loving it.  Two nights ago we had our first game.  (They don't keep score in this age group--but ask any one of the kids from either side of the team and they will tell you that they won.)  

Not being much of a sports person myself, I have to admit that I felt not only a little out of my element but also unsure of how much I would enjoy going to all the games and practices.  Internets, I love it.  The little kids are hysterical to watch and they try so hard.  Plus, I have learned a lot about the game from a really great coach.

Not too long ago the county did a big opening day ceremony.  All of the teams in all of the different leagues (I think that is the right term??) were asked to come out and celebrate the start of the season.  

All of the photos were taken from opening day.
T-Ball Opening Day #17
T-Ball Opening Day 4.14.2012
TBall Opening Day #1

I have to include this photo because it sums up our t-ball team.  Notice Dan is waving frantically at me.  That is because someone has to go potty and he needed me to climb up in the stands and get the kid and take them to their parent.  There is always someone on the team who has to go potty.  
T-Ball Opening Day #16

I'll leave you with one last photo of my two favorite people, seriously how adorable are they?
TBall Opening Day Hoke County 4.14.2012

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