06 April 2012

until you see it...

This is going to be another short one.  Lots to do to prepare for the holiday weekend!

About a year and a half ago I painted stripes in what was then the girlie's bedroom.  The evening after I finished painting I walked past her room and it hit me.  Internets, it is one of those things you don't see until you see it and then it is all you see.

I painted my child's room to look like an enormous Victoria's Secret bag.

See for yourself:

I have hated that paint job every day since.  The room is now her playroom and God willing it will someday be a nursery.  I am ready to repaint it, but I only want to paint it once.  Which means I have to decide on a color that is gender neutral and can work for both a playroom and/or a nursery.

Anyone have a suggestion?  I was thinking about some sort of tan/brown.  That would look OK with the current pink window treatment in the room but I could also accent with lime green, chocolate brown, or bright yellow.  (All of those are examples I have seen on Pinterest that looked good.)

What color would you paint the room if you could pick?


  1. A light beige would definitely be gender neutral...what do you have on your Pinterest? Check some more on the internet if you are undecided.

  2. You could go grey then do aqua and green accents. Sounds weird but gorgeous. You could also just do a blue color and then do your browns and greens or pinks. I am going to make a prediction and say when that nursery day comes you will repaint it again :)

  3. Here is what you should do (color wise).


  4. we did gray in L's nursery, under the pretense that it will not have to be repainted if we sell the house or have another baby (boy or girl) that has a different color schemed nursery. everything goes with gray!


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