06 April 2012

until you see it...

This is going to be another short one.  Lots to do to prepare for the holiday weekend!

About a year and a half ago I painted stripes in what was then the girlie's bedroom.  The evening after I finished painting I walked past her room and it hit me.  Internets, it is one of those things you don't see until you see it and then it is all you see.

I painted my child's room to look like an enormous Victoria's Secret bag.

See for yourself:

I have hated that paint job every day since.  The room is now her playroom and God willing it will someday be a nursery.  I am ready to repaint it, but I only want to paint it once.  Which means I have to decide on a color that is gender neutral and can work for both a playroom and/or a nursery.

Anyone have a suggestion?  I was thinking about some sort of tan/brown.  That would look OK with the current pink window treatment in the room but I could also accent with lime green, chocolate brown, or bright yellow.  (All of those are examples I have seen on Pinterest that looked good.)

What color would you paint the room if you could pick?

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