14 May 2012

a home run of sorts

Sorry for the 20 days of non-posting.  Things have been busy, busy around here and something had to give for the sake of my sanity.  Between t-ball and dance for the girlie we have had something going on almost every single night Monday-Friday.  Can we just say, insanity?  The good news is that things are going to be coming to a grinding halt next week when Mabes has her dance recital and last game of the season.  Leaving us with nothing but a summer of total freedom.  I cannot wait.

Speaking of t-ball the way our league does it (and maybe all t-ball is like this, I don't know) we don't keep score.  We also give all the kids a chance to run to each base.  In other words, you hit the ball and you get to run to first.  Then you wait for the next batter to hit the ball and you get to run to second.  Then third.  Finally home.  Mainly this is used to instill the rules and basics of the game in the kids' minds.  Everyone also gets a chance to bat.  Which means that the kid who bats last gets to hit the "home run" and run to all the bases without stopping.  Dan came up with a rotation that would allow every kid on our team a chance to be the home run hitter.

This is what happened when it was our girlie's turn last week:
Bless her heart she plays sports like her Mama, or a rabid chicken with her head cut off.  Totally interchangeable when you think about it.  Also, I apologize for all the yelling you hear me doing in the background.

We have had a few other things go on in the last couple of weeks that also made it next to impossible to post at the time.  However, that just means I have lots to share this week.  For now I have a house in desperate need of cleaning and a four-year-old who has been patiently waiting for me to play a round or two of Old Maid with her.


  1. Glad you are back. The video was priceless :)

  2. It still makes me laugh...all that running those little legs did. Wait until she sees this when she is older.


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